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GPS Business has accompanied many organizations in developing and implementing an effective concept that led to their growth. Over the years, we have handled and supported more than one thousand clients which varied from institutional organizations, nonprofit organizations, government, private organizations and small businesses. Branding today is very important. In an era of ever-increasing competition the existential question that you must ask yourself is what makes your business preferable over your competitors? 

Branding by GPS Businesses creates not only a stronger competitive advantage for our business but also increases the number of customers you have and their loyalty to your company.

When attempting to strengthen one’s company’s branding every business must ask itself the following questions:

What makes the business unique?

What value is added to customers?

What is the differentiation and relative advantage of the business in general and the service or product in particular?

Branding must be channeled among employees who are spearheading and able to pass on the best and most effective messages. The ability to brand the business on a systemic level includes actual assimilation to maximize the message and communication with the various circles – employees, customers, suppliers, businesses, etc. A professional counselor can direct and help you create the image and the message that will be beneficial for your company financially. 

GPS Business has accompanied hundreds of customers in the process of branding and rebranding processes.  It has lead customers to create a competitive advantage in their field. Business branding is a kind of statement and a promise to your customers about your service or product, and therefore it is very important to build yourself a proper name.

GPS Business experts will analyze your business and devise a plan for branding or rebranding your company. The branding process is a journey which includes research, characterization, concept building through creative expression of the message, and meets the needs that allows the brand to have its own identity.  


We at GPS Business offer the following services:

☐ Formulating a marketing business strategy including a business model

☐ Defining a business vision

☐ Formulation of a strategic outline for the organization and for the idea and tactical development

☐ Marketing, sales, service, message and application in general

☐ Building a brand strategy – defining the brand ID, defining brand values,

☐ Defining brand differentiation

☐ Building the story of value and unique advantages

Logo design and password

☐ Build marketing and marketing content

☐ Implementation in all media

☐ Branding assimilation among employees